Remano Victor


I dag har vi pratet med Remano Victor som er ansatt som front-end utvikler hos oss i WAYS. Remano flyttet fra Sør-Afrika til Norge for 3 år siden. Han studerte front-end development på Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media i 2 år, og startet i jobben hos WAYS i Desember 2020. Han er gift, og har tvillinger som han gleder seg til blir 5 år nå i Juli! Han er meget interessert i teknologi, problemløsning og ikke minst det å lage og forme prosjekter fra bunnen av!


I think I have grown quite a bit in my role since I started here 5 months ago. I'm really enjoying my time here at WAYS and looking forward to many more! 


 - Remano Victor 


How has your time at WAYS been this far?


To put it simply - a steep learning curve. Coming in I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the technology being used in the company to build applications, especially mobile applications. My first project was a relatively big one. “This is what we want, we know you can do it. Let's go!” was the message. I had to learn it all in a very short time. I understood the basics of it, but it was for web applications and mobile applications so it was a little bit different. It has been such a riveting experience, because I got to see myself growing in the company. I am given the freedom to learn and to make mistakes, at the same time I am given the guidance I need.  I think the communication has been outstanding. It's not just positive reinforcement, it’s also; “Hey listen I see you have been slacking, can you pick this up?” - and i think that is important. Not only praising your employees, but push them as well. That motivation and that drive to always be better and do better is key. And for that - I am loving my time here at WAYS! 


Is there a project you have been working on that you are particularly happy with? 


I have been working on rebuilding the WAYS website using ENONIC, which is a completely new platform. But I think the project that I am most proud of is the project that we did for Veggie De Luca, simply because that was my first one. That was the make or break for me. That was when i knew how hard I could work - if I really put my mind to it I can do it. It was a turning point aswell, where I could throw alot of doubt out the window. “Am I good enough? Can i keep up?” By creating this thing - this application that is now on the app store, that I did not know anything about 2 weeks before. I proved to myself that I could do it. 


What motivates you? 


I want to be better. Everyday. So whether it's reading another book, or just a different way of doing things. I just want to explore. I am very curious. I am extremely curious! And I think that is what motivates me the most, because I always want to know how things are done. 


Describe your perfect workday.


Hm. There would have to be something like a “bug”, that you have struggled with all day. And then, at the end of the day you get this a-ha feeling when you finally fix it and everything falls into place. I think that is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and I have come across it a few times. I can’t describe this feeling well enough - it’s one of the reasons I actually enjoy development, there are a lot of stakes attached to it. So yeah - the perfect work day is being productive and fixing this bug that has been bugging you for so long. It just makes everything work. 



What do you find especially exciting about WAYS as a developing agency? 


The diversity of it. There's always an exciting project coming in. And the fact is that a lot of startup companies start with a lot of small projects and build from there, but WAYS came out of the box swinging! It's a startup, it's not a massive company, but they are swinging for the fences. They are looking for the bigger clients. The fact that management sees so much potential in the employees is both rewarding and challenging. There is always something new that forces you to learn and I find that so exciting!